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Dangers of Snorkeling

Tips for Snorkeling

Underwater Photography

Planning a vacation in the Caribbean or another beautiful, tropical location? Along with flight plans, hotels, and work arrangements it will be beneficial to plan for recreation, particularly snorkeling. Although you can arrive and receive some information and equipment that will allow you to experience the captivating undersea adventure, your experience will be much more positive and fulfilling if you prepare ahead of time.
The Dangers of Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great way to introduce yourself to the ocean. But like any sport, it is important to be aware of basic safety rules to ensure that your snorkeling experience is enjoyable.

Tips for Snorkeling

One of the difficulties casual snorkelers and divers who are attempting underwater photography struggle with is the lack of visibility in the view finder on underwater cameras. Too many commercially built underwater cameras cases merely depend on lining up dots, which isn't sufficient for proper composition of underwater pictures. Very few underwater cameras have a finder large enough to be used accurately underwater.
Underwater Photography

Water Sports Web Design Elements


~ 84 Water Sports Themed Web Templates and HTML Layouts
~ 55 Water Sports Logos
~ 126 Water Sports Photographs

The Water Sports Web Design Elements CD ROM contains high quality web HTML web layouts, graphics, and high quality stock photographs all available for use royalty free. Purchase the CD and use the images for building your corporate identity or brand. Perfect web and graphic collection for water sports teams, contests or clubs.

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