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Dive LightLights for diving and snorkeling.
UK - Underwater Kinetics - HID Light Cannon 100 w/ Batteries
New High Intensity Discharge (HID) illumination technology allows this dive light to emit three times more light per watt of battery power than standard xenon or halogen lamps.

eGear 4-LED Waterproof Diving Hand Torch with Blue Case
Made from a tough ABS plastic, our 4 LED Diving Torch can burn for 50 hours in up to 65' (20 meters) of dark waters. 4 "AA" batteries and a wrist strap are included.

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight "D8" Dive Light with Pistol Grip - Yellow
Our most powerful light to use disposable alkaline batteries. A must for divers who demand high brightness and long burn times from a set of batteries.

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight "C4 eLED" Dive Light with Pistol Grip - Silver
The 5-watt white LED lamp contained in the sunlight C4 eLED dive light is the most indestructable source of illumination for diving available today. Unlike the standard glass envelope lamps used since Edison, the LED will not break whendropped. The life expectancy is well over 5000 hours. The light emitted by the LED (light emitting diode) is similar to sunlight and travels farther underwaterthan the more yellow light from an Edison lamp. In addition a power control circuit is built into the light which maintains the same brightness throughout the charge on a set of disposable alkaline, Nicad, or NiMH batteries. A tough O-ring sealed ABS and polycarbonate case protects the components all the way down to 500 feet. The small size of the C4 eLED makes it ideal for revealing theincredible marine life hidden under ledges.

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL4 Dive Light - Lime
The SL4 has to be the smallest and brightest 4 C-cell dive light made! It emits narrow and penetrating beam for seeking out unique marine life found under ledges. It also works well attached to protective head gear in technical diving applications.

*Brand New for 2005! *Free 4 C-Cell Batteries Included! *Free Lanyard Included! *Worlds first high intensity L.E.D. dive light *High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors *Constant light output at any battery level *80+ TIMES Longer Lamp Life - 5,000 hours! *Power saving switch allows for high or low lamp setting *Extremely durable lamp, will not break even if dropped *POWER: 5 watts *BATTERY LIFE: 4.5 hours *BATTERY: 4 C-CELL *BULB LIFE: 5000+ hours *DEPTH: 500 feet *COLORS: Black, Yellow or Silver * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Princeton Tec Tec 400 Scuba Dive Light (Yellow)
mfg by: Princeton Tec Tec 400 Scuba diving's most popular light. An ideal multipurpose light for both experienced and novice divers. Powerful narrow beam is suitable for both night and day exploration.
- Power: 4.9 Watts/49 Lumens
- Batteries: 4 C Alkaline
- Reflector: Focused Narrow Beam
- Burn Time: 4-5 Hrs.
- Weight: 20 oz. w/Batteries
- Includes: Alkaline Batteries, Halogen & Long Burn Bulbs, Lanyard

*FREE 4 AA Batteries *FREE O-Ring Grease *FREE Lanyard Included *State of the art ultra bright L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode Technology) *High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors *300 TIMES Longer Bulb Life - 100,000 hours! *6 TIMES Longer Battery Life - 30+ Hours! *Specially engineered light incorporates seven new higher intensity L.E.D.´s making it the brightest in it´s class *Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulb *DEPTH: 200 feet *BULB: 7 White L.E.D. * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Nite-Rider HID Dive Light, (2011)
The HID Dive Light is a 10 watt, 13.2-volt dive light system equivalent to 40 watts of conventional light but with 6000 degree color temperature that is closest to sunlight. This incredibly bright and penetrating light is perfect for all types of serious diving needs. The 4 hour run time provides plenty of time to get all the dives in you want in a day.

* A 10 watt, 13.2-volt dive light system equivalent to 40 watts of conventional light but with 6000 degree color temperature that is closest to sunlight * Burn time: 4 hours * Soft wrist mount for putting the light where you need it and reducing the backscatter effect. * Industrial Grade rechargeable 13.2 volt 4.0Ah. * Memory-Free NiMH battery * WEIGHT: 2.1 lbs (1/2lb negative in water) * SIZE: Width 4.5in. x Height 6in. x Thickness 1.6in. * Heavy-duty belt clip (Mounting on a weight belt or a tank strap) * Microbrute 3.5 hour international smartcharger * Certified to 500 ffw * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL6 Dive Light - Blue
The bright narrow penetrating beam of the SL6 makes it ideal for scanning the reef for marine life hiding under ledges. It can be uses as a main light for night diving or as the perfect backup light.

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED Dive Light - Black
The high intensity Mini Q40 eLED is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. The 1 watteLED emitter gives light as white as daylight, makes batteries last longer and will not burn out under normal use.

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