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Miscellaneous Dive EquipmentEquipment for diving.
This popular wallet packs all the features you want into a compact package.

Underwater Kinetics Dive Pak Set, Includes the C4 eLED - Mini Q40 eLED - Mini Pocket eLED - eLED Penlight Lights, all in Yellow
C4 eLED Light: High efficiency, non-breakable 6-watt white LED dive light powered by 4 alkaline, Nicad, or NiMH C-cells brings a new level of reliability and minimal size to traveling divers. Mini Q40 eLED Light: This 1 watt eLED mini dive light attaches to your mask strap for hands free illumination while looking at gauges, exploring under a ledge or focusing a camera. Mini Pocket eLED Light: This mini-pocket light features a high intensity long lasting white LED lamp. eLED Penlight: In or out of water, the penlight is perfect for looking in gear bags, repairing equipment, viewing gauges or examining marine life.

Akona - Roller Scuba Gear Duffle Dive Bag w/ Wheels - AKB224
This is the best all-purpose bag Akona has ever built. Also Akona's best seller. It can go on the boat, in your car, on a plane, anywhere... All components are water, dirt and rust proof.

Multi Purpose 150' Dive Reel - Yellow
For Cave or wreck Diving or just general purpose utility use, Great for drift diving blue water safety stops when used with a lift bag to signal the boat

Dive Signal with Inflator, - Orange
45" high visibility cordura tube with screw down oral inflator.

The next generation erasable magnetic slate easily fits in the palm of your hand and any BCD pocket. It measures only 6" x 4.5" and is only an incredible .6" thick!! The Q2 slate is equipped with a high contrast/high definition magnet screen, multi function eraser bar/ writing stylus, protective screen cover, standard white board slate and split ring connector.

Stainless Steel Scuba Master "All In One" Dive Tool - Red
All Stainless steel super crescent wrench multi tool kit with contoured super grip frame.

Blue Reef Save-A-Dive Kit
This Save-A-Dive Kit is a gear bag must-have! Includes essential spares that can make the difference between bubble watching or making your own splash! Fin Strap Extra heavy duty, can be adjusted with ease even with gloves on. Mask Strap Can be used with all masks. Split strap helps mask fit securely and comfortably in place. Snorkel Keeper Extra thick for durability. Will fit most snorkels available today. Mouthpiece Will fit most regulators. Standard size will fit comfortably in your mouth minimizing jaw fatigue. Comes packaged in a waterproof container.

Bayfront - No-Fog Dive Mask Spray 8oz.
Better than Spit! Great for scuba/snorkeling masks and goggles.

Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe Dive Light (Yellow)
mfg by: Princeton Tec This outdoor and marine survival light is designed to be a real lifesaver. It operates on a single AA battery, floats head up when submersed in water and can be seen for 3 miles in clear conditions. Clipped to your body or gear, Aqua Strobe is sure to get the attention of emergency services throughout the world.
- Flash Rate: Up to 70 flashes per minute
- Batteries: 1 AA Alkaline
- Burning Time: 8 hrs.
- Weight: 3.4 oz. with battery
- Includes: Alkaline battery, lanyard, velcro strap

INNOVATIVE MINI-QUEST SLATE Miscellaneous Translucent Purple
*Magnetic Communication Screen *Erase, then write again *Use for fast, effective underwater communication *Magnetic size:4 1/2 by 3 1/2 *Erases with the slide of a button *Has a removable double sided conventional slate *Reversible size:4 1/2 by 3 1/2 *Stows easily in BCD pocket *COLORS: Purple, Blue and Yellow * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

*Two openings *Middle wall separates dry from wet items *One opening is larger to accomodate your wetsuit * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Ideations - Dive Alert Mini Hammerhead Underwater Signaling Device, Fits All Standard Power Inflaters (MH-1)
The MINI HAMMERHEAD is a diver to diver signaling device, designed for simple quick contact with your buddy - at an affordable price.

Scuba Diving Lobster Abalone Sea Urchin Mesh Bag Set of 2
These bags measure 17" x 27" and they are perfect for your next lobster catch trip! You get 2 of these mesh bags for your multiple boat dives!

*Be able to calculate multi-level dives without a dive computer *Very easy to use table, no math required! *Assist divers in planning multi level dives *Surface interval table is on the back side *Quick reference for important diving rules *Waterproof Wheel *A must for all divers *SCUBA diving equipment

U.S. Divers - Java Dive Set with RIP Fins
The Java 4-piece kid's snorkeling combo by US Divers includes a Java mask, a Tonga snorkel and a pair of RIP fins. The 2-window Java mask offers a low-volume design with a comfortable skirt and professional styling. The Tonga snorkel has a traditional J design with a snorkel keeper in a scaled down size that's excellent for kids. RIP multi-use kids fins feature a rubber foot pocket with adjustable straps to fit a wide range of growing sizes.

Dive-Rite Rec Wings (50 Lbs. lift) # 2074
No description

Show you know how to relax. 100% cotton garment dyed hat with embroidered No Stress logo. Color varies by brim color.

* Free Poseidon Regulator bag *For cylinders fitted with a DIN yoke only (for cylinders fitted with standard yoke valve order adapter below) *One of the highest performing regulators on the market *Lightweight 2nd stage to prevent jaw fatigue and add to overall comfort *Side exhaust for less bubble interference *Extremely easy breathing in any position *Tested to 650 feet using mixed gas while maintaining high quality performance *The regulator is self-balancing, giving the same performance at all cylinder pressures * FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY And the reviews are in: ... the reg delivered the absolute lowest work of breathing... -Scuba Lab *SCUBA diving equipment

OMS Phantom 10 watts "HID" Dive Light with Mini Head (L197HM)
Want the brightest, lightest most reliable dive lights on the market? The New Phantom Mini HID Dive Light is perhaps the smallest and brightest 10w HID light in the world. So small in fact that you can place the canister in many BC pockets! Couple this with increased reliability i.e. OMS refuses to use hot glue to seal bulkhead cordconnectors and uses proprietary depth rated fittings. OMS has also eliminated the most common failure point on any light... the rubber booted toggle switch. Finally by machining the bulkhead into the Cap and the Head (2) points of common failure are eliminated! The OMS light utilizes a metal switch mounted in the light head for increased reliability and prevention of accidental turning on/off of the light. OMS has completely redesigned all components of the 10 w and 21w HID lighting systems for 2003/2004. The heads are designed to be the smallest in the world, incorporate the ON/OFF switch (This eliminates leak prone rubber covered toggle switches), have special dampening to protect the bulb and have a proprietary front lense retention system to prevent leakage. Specially designed compression fittings add to the water tightness of these units at depth (max. Depth rating for the 10w is 1700 FSW and 1500 FSW for the 21W, as tested), and eliminate the need for makeshift hot glues and heat shrink-tubing that other manufactures regularly use. The new SMART 4 Ah and 8 Ah NiMH batteries utilize Thermisters and special h

Tampa Medium Thermoplastic Dive/Swim Fins - 1 Pair
  • Longer, wider blade is reinforeced with extra ribs for greater power
  • Countered foot pockets are guaranteed not to separate for one full year
  • Pocket is black with neon yellow blade

Sherwood Wisdom Dive Computer with Compass
Wisdom: The Computer Powerhouse that's Easy to Use. Wisdom is the most powerful dive computer offered to date-with an intuitive display that makes it simple to use. This air-integrated beauty gives you full-function air and nitrox capabilities and is the answer to safer more enjoyable diving for new divers and pros alike. Wisdom lets you know just where you stand. Measuring dive time, depth and air supply, it uses a reliable, time-proven algorithm to calculate and display remaining dive time based on established limits for nitrogen tension, oxygen exposure or cylinder pressure. It is exceptionally dependable. Wisdom gives you unprecedented options - seven in all - for setting reminders/alarms for depth limits, decompression status, oxygen status (PO2), ascent rate and remaining breathing time. This is in addition to alarms already in the computer. It is exceptionally convenient. Logically intutive, it features a large, HydroGlow screen with big numerals. It is exceptionally easy to read.

*Fits any Dive Rite harness system *Integrates seamlessly to the Transpac II waist band *Adds an additional pocket to carry your mask and/or equipment *Closes securely with a slide/release fastener * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

*Easy to add to the harness *Store Your safety equipment *Secure those treasures * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

DIVE RITE BC WING ONLY Buoyancy Compensators Travel Wings
*Enables users to better control the shape and lift characteristics of the air cell *Helps prevent wings from wrapping around the sides of tanks *Available Styles: Travel Wing, Trek Wing, Classic Wing, Rec Wings, Super and SuperOne Wing * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Princeton Tec Sport Flare Dive Light (Yellow)
Use the Sport Flare in place of a lantern or chemical light stick, it's much safer than a candle and more eco-conscious than a chem-stick. This light is powerful enough to light up an entire tent for up to 8 hrs. The flare cone is easily removed allowing the light to be used as a standard flashlight. The flare cone also glows in the dark for added safety and easy identification in low light conditions. Power: 2 watts. Batteries: 2 AA Alkaline. Burn Time: 8 hrs. Weight: 3.9 oz. with batteries. Includes: Alkaline batteries, lanyard.

Underwater Kinetics Fathom Pak Set, Includes the C8, SL4 and Mini Q40 Lights and a Dive Beacon Light
C8 Dive Light: Compact but bright, the sunlight C8 is a great choice for divers who want to travel light and may not always be near electricity for recharging. In addition the unique dual lamp system allows for asafety backup and 60 hours total lamp life. SL4 Dive Light: The SL4 has to be the smallest and brightest 4 C-cell dive light made! It emits narrow and penetrating beam for seeking out unique marine life found underledges. It also works well attached to protective head gear in technical diving applications. Mini Q40 Dive Light: The high intensity Mini Q40 is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. It outshines many lights three times its size. Dive Beacon Light: Be seen at night by fellow divers and dive master with this dependable high visibility red personal marker beacon.

*Free Dive Rite Padded Protection Case Included *Air/nitrox/heliox/trimix or any of these combinations *Program up to seven different gasses per dive *Automatic activation upon descent *Backlight Display for Night Diving *Displays current FO2 and PO2 *Stores up to ten dives in memory *Audible alarms for ascent rate/deco stop violations *Displays date, time of day and current and maximum dive depths *PC downloadable with optional download kit (see below to order) *Large buttons make it easy for switching mixes under water. *F02 can be set for 8%-99% *DEPTH: 394 Feet *User changeable Imperial/Metric *Wrist Mount Included * FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment

Oceanic "Veo 180" Air/Nitrox Dive Computer SWIV Double Gauge Combo
The Veo 180 is an easy to use, compact computer suitable for divers of all experience levels. Designed for diving with air or nitroxmixtures up to 50 percent, the Veo 180's extensive functions are accessed via one button at the base of the display. It is shown here in a console with a SlimLine Pressure Gauge. The SlimLine tracks tank pressures up to 5,000 psi and has a thermometer at the base of its luminescent face. The brand new Swiv Console allows you to custom position your instruments with an allen key. The Veo 180 operates as an air or nitrox computer down to 330 feet and a depth gauge/bottom timer to 399 feet. It has large, easy to read alphanumeric displays and color coded graphs where green means "go," yellow means "caution" and red means "stop." There are a variety of user settable audible and visual alarms. The computer can be turned on before your dive, but if you forget, it turns itself on underwater. The batteries have a 300 hour lifetime and are user replaceable at any time without the loss of data. The Veo 180 offers both time to fly and nitrogen offgasing countdowns. It automatically adjusts for altitude and for use in salt or fresh water. It displays temperature and time of day. The Veo 180 has audible and/or visual alarms or displays for
  • High 02
  • High and maximum PO2
  • Safety stops
  • No decompression time remaining

*Convert any single cylinder into a stage, travel mix or deco bottle * Comfortable easy grip handle *Secure with cam strap or stage clamp *Features sliding-bolt snap *SCUBA diving equipment

Cetacea 5 in. x 6 in. Slate w/ BC Mini Retractor
Standard 5 in. x 6 in. Slate with BC Mini RetractorSometimes your buddy just does not understand what you are trying to communicate to them. With these slate you can write whatever you want. The clip allow for easy attachment to your BC when not

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