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Books About SnorkelingBooks about snorkeling, what to look for, where to snorkel and how to snorkel.
Kauai Trailblazer : Where to Hike, Snorkel, Bike, Paddle, Surf (Trailblazer)
No description

Snorkel Kauai : Guide to the Underwater World of Hawaii
No description

Snorkel Hawaii The Big Island, Second Edition
No description

Snorkel Maui and Lanai: Guide to the underwater world of Hawaii
No description

The Dive Sites of the Cayman Islands, Second Edition: Over 270 Top Dive and Snorkel Sites
No description

Kailouie and the Snorkel Monster
No description

Snorkel Bob's Reality Guide to Hawaii
No description

South Africa: Over 180 Top Dive and Snorkel Sites (Globetrotter Dive Guides)
No description

Reef Watchers Hawaii: Reef Fish and Critter I.D. : Snorkel Skills & Professional Tips (Reef watchers)
No description

Globetrotter Dive Guide: the Philippines: Over 200 Top Dive and Snorkel Sites (Globetrotter Dive Guides)
No description

Globetrotter Dive Guide: Maldives: Over 140 Top Dive and Snorkel Sites
No description

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