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Underwater CamerasCameras for photographing underwater while snorkeling. Capture fish, coral and the underwater world.
Canon Sure Shot A-1 Panorama Waterproof Camera (Includes Case, Battery and Neck Strap)
No description

DC DXG308U 3MP Digital Camera with Underwater Housing
No description

Sealife ReefMaster DC100 Digital Land & Sea Camera
Whether on land or sea, the SeaLife ReefMaster DC100 can accommodate all your digital photography needs. The DC100 is considered the world's first dedicated underwater digital camera. Rated to 100 feet, the camera can be set to three different exposure programs--land, sea, and sea with external flash--with a flip of your finger. The large 1.8-inch LCD makes aiming easy and the instant review and delete function practically guarantees great pictures on the spot. The camera comes with 8 MB on-board memory (as well as a CompactFlash expansion slot).

To take shots of on-land subjects, simply remove the camera from its clear waterproof housing, set it to the "land" setting, and shoot as a traditional digital camera.

The on-camera flash aids in illuminating objects below the surface, but for photographers who wish to produce more professional results, the camera is compatible with SeaLife's external flash unit. Just set the camera to "external flash" mode and you are all set.

Accessories packaged with the camera include a CD with MGI Photo Suite software, a USB cable, video cable, care kit, manual, and a soft case for the inner camera.

SeaLife SL560 ReefMaster PRO Set 35mm Camera
The SeaLife ReefMaster Pro set includes a SeaLife ReefMaster RC camera and an array of accessories developed by divers for divers. The camera offers automatic operations and point-and-shoot ease while handling depths up to 164 feet. The large shutter lever requires only light pressure, even at major depths. The SeaLife ReefMaster RC eliminates the need to focus by using a fixed focus to take pictures from 4 feet to infinity. The SeaLife ReefMaster RC can also take shots on land. It uses standard 35mm film and AA batteries. Other features include a built-in flash--but a more powerful external flash comes with the Pro accessory pack. The external flash is fully automatic and reduces backscatter.

The soft deluxe padded carrying case offers an adjustable shoulder strap and will keep your camera well organized and protected. The kit also includes a SeaLife macro 3x close-up lens/underwater filter, a SeaLife care kit, SeaLife Moisture Muncher antifog desiccant, the SeaLife color booklet Great Pictures Made Easy, and a user's guide for the external flash unit.

SeaLife SL545 SportDiver II Compact 35mm Underwater Camera
With the SeaLife SL545 SportDiver II Compact 35mm Underwater Camera you'll be ready to snap great photos at depths up to 164 feet. The SportDiver II design features two major components: a small inner camera and a sturdy, waterproof Lexan housing. The Lexan housing is small enough to fit into most BC (Buoyancy Control) pockets, so it is the perfect companion on your favorite dives. The SL545 is both completely waterproof and slightly buoyant. The camera will not sink, but it is heavy enough that if it slips from your hands while you're diving, it won't rush towards the surface.

The compact inner camera can be removed from the housing and used on dry land for excellent vacation snapshots above the sea. The buttons are easy to access and a large "Push Here" shutter-release lever makes it a breeze to snap a shot at any depth--even wearing gloves. The fully automatic 35mm camera has a built in flash and the SportDiver II is fully expandable with all SeaLife accessories. This is a perfect camera for diving, snorkeling, boating, playing by the pool, and just about any other water sport.

Sealife DC300 3MP Underwater Digital Camera
No description

SeaLife SharkDiver SL 300 Underwater Reloadable Camera
No description

Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Single Use Camera
No description

Kodak MAX Water & Sport Single Use Camera
No description

SeaLife SL511 ReefMaster RC Underwater Photo Set 35mm Camera
The SeaLife ReefMaster RC underwater photo set includes a SeaLife ReefMaster RC camera and an array of accessories developed by divers for divers. The camera offers automatic operations and point-and-shoot ease while handling depths up to 164 feet. The large shutter lever requires only light pressure, even at 164 feet. There's no need to focus--the Reefmaster takes pictures from 4 feet to infinity. Other features include a large sports-style viewfinder and a built-in flash. The SeaLife ReefMaster RC can also take shots on land. It uses standard 35mm film and AA batteries.

The airtight, unbreakable travel accessory case provided will keep your camera and accessories clean, dry, and well organized. The kit also includes a SeaLife macro 3x close-up lens/underwater filter; a SeaLife care kit; SeaLife Moisture Muncher antifog desiccant; and a SeaLife color booklet, Great Pictures Made Easy.

Atlantis AUW-502 Underwater Sportscam Camera System
No description

VIVITAR Mariner Underwater 35mm Camera
When it's time to record your next snorkeling adventure for posterity, the Vivitar Mariner Underwater 35mm Camera will do the trick. Taking shots of that extraordinary coral reef or those schools of rainbow-colored fish has never been easier. Waterproof up to 10 feet, the Vivitar Mariner features a focus-free, 28 millimeter, f9.0 lens with shutter speeds of up to 1/125 second, which means you won't have to worry about letting that big one get away while you're trying to focus. And when you're out of the water and back on the beach ready to relax, this Vivitar will waiting for you. Just take the camera out of its underwater housing, and you'll be ready to shoot the sunsets or catch some great beach volleyball action on film.

Powering off of one AA battery and weighing less than a pound, the Vivitar features a built-in flash, red-eye reduction, and a stylish sporty design with a convenient wrist strap.

SeaLife SharkDiver SL301 Underwater Pre-loaded Camera
No description

SeaLife ReefMaster RC SL515 Automatic Dive Underwater 35mm Camera
No description

SeaLife DC310 3.3MP Reef Master Pro Set Underwater Digital Camera
No description

Atlantis AUW-5600 Color Underwater Camera with Monitor
No description

Casio EWC-40 Underwater Case for the EX-Z30/Z40/Z50 Digital Cameras
No description

Olympus PT-016 Underwater Housing for Stylus Digital Cameras
No description

Fujifilm WP-FXF10 Underwater Housing Case for F10 Digital Camera
No description

Casio EWC-55 Underwater Case for the EX-Z55 Digital Camera
No description

Reefmaster SL-960D SeaLife External Flash for Digital Cameras
If you've been on the prowl for a universal, underwater flash to work with all your digital cameras, then look no further than Reefmaster SL-960D SeaLife External Flash. This flash is specially designed to work with any underwater digital camera that is equipped with up to four pre-flashes. As any scuba diving photographer knows, a strobe is the most important accessory for sharp, colorful pictures. The powerful SL-960D causes the intense colors of the coral and tropical fish to explode with vibrancy. This flash is so versatile that even two flashes can be easily mounted to almost any camera.

This flash features a variable brightness control for better image exposure and the effective underwater distance ranges from two to eight feet. It is depth rated for up to 200 feet and the flexible, rubberized arm makes for easy aiming and a sure grip. It is very easy to connect the SL-960D to almost any digital camera with the included flash link optical cable. Also included is the universal mount to adapt all SeaLife cameras and other underwater camera housings with a tripod mount. This flash is versatile, practical, and easy to use.

What's in the Box
SL-960D external flash, cable, and carrying case.

Fujifilm WPFX440 Underwater Housing Case for F440 & F450 Digital Cameras
No description

Sony HVLML20M Marine Pack Video Light for M Series
No description

Go Photo Inc. - Aqua Pix 35 Underwater Camera
No description

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